'The Traveling Art Pub' -- A Night of Artistic Expression in the Brainerd Lakes Area

brainerd lakes area - traveling arts pub

If you have traveled to the Brainerd Lakes, you are familiar with the niche of culinary masters of Prairie Bay, Grand View, Moonshine Lounge, or Maucieri's. If you have not, you should take your next opportunity to experience these highly coveted dining experiences. Thankfully, a truly unique opportunity awaits you through the Traveling Art Pub (TAP). TAP was created by the mother-daughter team, Lisa and Sarah Stawarski. They answered the call for a unique experience through the creative combination of the culinary and fine arts. Through their dynamic pairing, they have provided a fun, relaxing environment to not only dine, but create in the area’s finest restaurants. An evening of TAP includes a themed medium with a showcased artist, signature appetizer and cocktail from one of their featured restaurant locations, and includes all materials required for creating a master art piece.

traveling art pub - brainerd lakes area

I know exactly what you are thinking, “I cannot draw/paint/sculpt!” Don’t worry! There is no need to have impeccable art skills or prior artistry experience. Lisa and Sarah have designed a space for fun and relaxation, and every event is thoughtfully outlined and coordinated. Their artists provide intermittent coaching with the best tips and tricks of their trade and are available for any questions or hands on “art-pro" assistance. The restaurant chefs provide delicious food to fuel your ingenuity and if the food for thought is not enough to get the creative juices flowing, you can always rely on one of their signature cocktails crafted just for your artistic side to shine! Indeed, art can be cathartic, making color strokes with a brush, crayon, or pencil, while focusing your attention on the canvas in front of you. Listening to the music and allowing the sound of silence consume you if only for a moment. After forming connections with fellow “TAPPERS” over creative ideas and design, you are rejuvenated from your day, week, or even month!

traveling art pub - 2014

TAP truly is an event for all adult ages. Most TAP events are 21+ for both men and women. TAP consistently meets at one of three locations once per month in the Brainerd Lakes Area: Moonshine Lounge, Prairie Bay, and Maucieri’s. New destinations and events are continuously added throughout Minnesota (some events/locations are one time occurrences). Check out The Traveling Art Pub website and Facebook Page for their set schedule and “pop up” events. Special holiday events, such as their Mother's Day and Father's Day sessions are also available. The Traveling Art Pub embraces and celebrates opportunity for community and individual connection. If you are looking to try something different or simply need an escape from the hustle and bustle, attend your first TAP session. I can guarantee it will not be your last!   Photos via: Traveling Art Pub  

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