The World's Most Lethal Animal: The Mosquito


Famous billionaire, Bill Gates, released an infographic on his blog to help raise awareness for the lethality of disease carrying mosquitoes. The graphic ranks mosquitoes far over sharks, snakes, and other much feared animals. Gates puts forth statistics about malaria (a disease carried by mosquitoes,) indicating that it kills over 600,ooo people and debilitates 200 million. But mosquitoes carry far more diseases than that. Though, each disease is based on region. While we in Minnesota will probably be snacked upon several times this summer, we don't have to fear contracting malaria from our "state bird." But that doesn't mean others don't, which is why Gates is launching "Mosquito Week" (instead of Shark Week.) He even jokes about the insanely popular, terrible movie Sharknado saying that Skeeternado is a movie he'd like to see. The scariest part is a skeeternado is almost a more plausible idea. Photo via: Gate Notes  

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