'Tim and Eric & Dr. Steve Brule 2014 Tour' @ State Theatre


Tim & Eric have a new show out now airing on Adult Swim called Bedtime Stories. It's a more traditional show while still aligning with the Tim & Eric brand of humor. Which is to say, it's one complete story that may or may not be funny, but is definitely weird, and possibly unsettling. The duo, along with their friend Dr. Steve Brule, are on tour promoting the new show, and dropped in on the State Theatre to make us laugh and feel strange. The show started off with DJ Dougg Pound spinning some tunes (into jokes) which eventually segued into him introducing Tim & Eric. They proceeded to give the impression that they hadn't really prepared anything for the show. They were asking aloud, "Now what should we do?" which allowed them to do some funny brainstorming and light audience interaction. From here they introduced us to the first of a few clips of the final episode of the season of Bedtime Stories, which starred Jason Schwartzman. The episode, like most of Tim & Eric's shows, was dark, twisted, but humorous. This was one of my favorite episodes of Bedtime Stories, and you can see the promo for it below. When they returned they brought back one of the skits from Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job; The Cinco Family/Corporation as two of their sales reps, looking for a new product. The product was called Grum Soda, which includes ingredients nicotine, tar and spicy cheese. They also debuted the vending maching for Grum, which was a bland but unsettling grey character, that dispensed the cans from it's crotch. Marketed for children! The enthusiasm of which they marketed this fictional drink was so great, I would have bought some.


The entire second half of the show was dedicated to crowd favorite Dr. Steve Brule, played by John C. Reilly. He walked around the stage giving us his background, where he grew up, who his friends and family were, essentially walking us through bit and pieces of his history in the Tim & Eric biosphere, mispronouncing everything along the way. It was funny and endearing, which is what makes him such a great character. Dr. Steve played a game with the audience and had two people go out and find three people each that had specific characteristics (long beards, looks like them, etc). It added another opportunity for Dr. Steve to butcher peoples names to their face (Amanda = Gramanda) which was entertaining, however, the bit seemed to drag on after awhile. After this went on for maybe 20 minutes too long, we arrived at the final skit, Jan and Wayne Skyler. The last time we saw Jan and Wayne, Wayne was dying. Luckily for us, he didn't die and he's back to officiate the marriage between Jan and Dr. Steve Brule. It was a number that definitely brought some life back into the show, especially with the song performed by Tim (aka Jan). It was a strong finish to the multi-layered performance from all three main characters. Be sure to check out Bedtime Stories on Adult Swim to see the next chapter for Tim & Eric.   Photos by: PJ Mudd FOLLOW-PJ-MUDD

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