Timberwolves Star Kevin Love Appears in Hilarious Sportscenter Commercial

Kevin Love - This is Sportscenter Commercial - Timberwolves - 2013

Watching some Sportscenter is usually a daily ritual for a big sports fan like myself. One of my favorite things about Sportscenter, isn't even the show itself, but the commercials they have to promote the treasured sports newscast. The commercials are part of a series titled, "This is Sportscenter" -- they always show professional athletes "working" for ESPN. Of course none of these athletes actually work there, but it's fun to imagine a world where Kevin Love delivers coffee to the ESPN anchors. This latest commercial with the Timberwolves star is definitely hilarious and ranks as one of my favorites in the series. Check it out. With so many gems in this series (ESPN recently released a Top 50 of their "This is SportsCenter" commercials), I really must say this is one of the better ones I've seen -- of course, I might be a little biased considering I am a big fan of Kevin Love, but I laughed quite a bit at the coffee's effect on anchor Stan Verrett. These commercials are always so well-made, part of the reason why sports fans have so much fun watching them. In this commercial ESPN nods to a double/double coffee drink, a reference to what Love is most-well known for as a NBA player, getting double digits in points and rebounds in nearly every game. You will also notice the second time Verrett is coming to Love for coffee like a fiend, the UCLA Bruins mascot, Love's alma mater, is walking away from the drink cart. It's hard not to love (pun intended) these short comedic commercials, and if you appreciated this one, check out the rest of the "This is SportsCenter" commercials. There are some absolutely excellent bits in the Top 50 countdown. Image via: Sportscenter YouTube FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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