Tonight Marks the Beginning of the Third Annual '10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival'

10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival - 2013

This evening, the Vikings/Giants game is not the only form of entertainment in the Twin Cities. In fact, you probably won't even get as many laughs watching the two loser NFL teams fighting it out as you would watching comedians at their best at the 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival. Tonight is the start of the third annual festival, a sure fire way to make your belly sore from laughing too hard. This comedy event is taking place at many locations around the Twin Cities, from Minneapolis to St. Paul to Mendota Heights. The festival actually features comedians competing with each other to be named the best of 2013 event. There is stand-up, sketch comedy, but definitely no improv. They are quite opposed to improv comedy being a part of the event. The events start tonight and there is at least one show each night until Saturday the 26th. For more information about the event or tickets, visit the 10,000 Laughs website. Image via: 10,000 Laughs FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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