Top Tips to Stay Warm This Winter

Freezing Minnesota Temperatures - Subzero - 2014

We’re getting record breaking cold temperatures this year, not only in Minnesota but in a large part of the United States. These kinds of temperatures can be extremely dangerous if not dealt with properly, so here are a few tips to help survive this bitter winter. 1.     Don’t drive unless you absolutely need to. In this sort of weather, cars are especially susceptible to breaking down, and getting stranded in negative temperatures is hazardous. Cars aren’t built for arctic temperatures like these. On the other hand, it is a good idea to try to start them every few hours, just to make sure they will still be able to run once it warms up a bit. 2.     Push towels up against the bottom of all doors leading outside. This will help to block off the seals, allowing less of the cold winter air to seep into your house. Towel Under Door - Preserve Heat - Minnesota Cold 3.      Snuggle up with heat lamps, heating pads, and/or heat plugs. Make a cozy bed by the fireplace, if one is available. These are all useful ways to stay warm through the night. 4.     Likewise, if you have a pet, letting them sleep with you may be a good idea. It will help to keep both of you warm. Letting them sleep underneath the blanket will trap more heat. And it is a great way to get some snuggle time in! 5.     If the sun is out, leave the drapes open. The sunlight will help to heat the room. However, when it’s dark, keep the drapes shut tightly to prevent heat loss. 6.     Block off un-used rooms to provide more efficient heating. Closing the doors to rooms that won’t be occupied will prevent the heat from spreading to those rooms. Having everyone sleep in one room and closing the doors to the rest is the best way to centralize the heat into that one room. Fireplace - Keep Warm - Minnesota Cold - Freezing - 2014 - Minnesota Connected 7.     Dress in layers! Wearing a pair of long johns under pants can be a great way of keeping warm. Layering t-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts is also very effective. Throwing your socks in the microwave for a few seconds can warm up your feet quickly, though making use of a corn or rice bag is probably a better idea. 8.     Last but not least, try not to let yourself get cold! It can be very difficult to warm up in conditions like these. Photos via: Google  

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