Ultraviolet Look at Skin Reveals Effectiveness of Sunscreen

sunscreen protecting your skin Your mother always told you to wear sunscreen -- turns out she was right, like, really right. Sunscreen makes a huge difference in terms of how the sun hits your skin -- and for all those pale Scandinavian people like myself, sunscreen plays a huge part to protecting the skin from simply being fried. This awesome video, which utilizes an ultraviolet look at the skin, showcases just how much of a difference sunscreen makes when applied to the skin. Check it out. Quite the difference right? It's amazing how much of an impact sunscreen can have. Whenever I used to rub sunscreen into my skin I sarcastically would wonder if this "lotion" was really doing anything (of course I knew it worked). But now seeing sunscreen in action under the ultraviolet 'lens,' it's clear sunscreen creates a significant barrier from your skin to the sun. So for all those people out there who scoff at the use of sunscreen, hopefully this video will allow you to reconsider your position.   Image via: Thomas Leveritt FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY    

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