Underground Online Drug Exchange Shut Down by FBI

Silk Road Shut Down

The Internet is constantly evolving -- sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. This story is an example of the worse, unless you of course were looking for a great way to score drugs, a fake I.D., or even guns. The website known as Silk Road took federal authorities two years to take down, and Wednesday morning was the last day the site was operational. The creator of the site, Ross Ulbricht, AKA Dread Pirate Roberts online, was arrested in San Francisco after he made a misstep that revealed his identity and led authorities to his location. The name of the website, Silk Road, is representative of the Silk Road or Silk Route that spanned the Asian continent thousands of years ago in which traders and merchants exchanged goods -- hence the name for the drug online marketplace. Many may also recognize the name Dread Pirate Roberts from the classic film Princess Bride.

Ross Ulbricht - Busted

The details of the story are still unraveling, but CBS has a great video package that offers the most information on the story as we know it. It's so surreal to see these drugs being purchased with an online currency called Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin took a huge hit after Silk Road was taken down, which clearly represents that the drug site was right in the middle of Bitcoin's success. Images via: Google FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY  

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