'WE Fest' Nears and Will Bring Flocks of Country Fans to Northwest Minnesota

We Fest - 2013 WE Fest, the huge three day long country music festival up in Detroit Lakes, MN that has been running for 31 years, kicks off next weekend. Now, if you didn't know, Detroit Lakes isn't necessarily a short skip from the Twin Cities -- it's over three hours to drive up there. Considering that, and the festival's huge crowds totaling in the many thousands, the music and experience of camping with hordes of country fans must be worth the effort to travel so far north. This year's festival features the musical talents of Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, and many more. Those are just the headlining acts, there are 15 other bands to check out at WE Fest. On top of the concerts comes the chance for fans to camp out, drink their adult beverages, mingle, play lawn games, and just have as much fun as country musical festivals can offer. There have been critics of the event who call it a drunk fest, but really, fans can make of the event what they want. While a lot of people do drink in excess, that doesn't mean there aren't those who go to soak in some sun and "good ole country music."

Carrie Underwood - WE Fest - 2013

The event kicks off August 1st and runs until the 3rd. That date is getting ever closer as many attendees are definitely counting down the days -- with that in mind, if this event piques your interest, it would be a great idea to get yourself some tickets and start planning. With all that goes into travel details, sleeping accommodations, etc., this country music festival can be a great deal of preparation. But you'd be hard pressed to find past attendees who would say the planning wasn't worth the experience. You won't find me there, I despise country music -- though, it would be nice to be within a few hundred yards of the absolute gorgeous Carrie Underwood. For more information, visit the WE Fest website.  
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