Whalan's 'Stand Still Parade'

Welcome-to-Whalan-float Whalan, Minnesota, a town too small to hold a parade, has come up with a novel idea-- why not have a parade which stays in one place? The "Stand Still Parade" was invented with three things in mind: get people more involved in the community, fit a parade into the town, and have a ton of fun. This unique, festive experience is more than just a parade, and different from a street fair. All the 'units' of the parade are set up just as they would be if the parade actually moved. The color guard is always at the front, and everything else takes its place along the road behind, though the only things moving down the road are the curious spectators. The parade starts on May 17th, and stands in place for one hour. There is food provided by the local church, art sales and demonstrations, and activities and contests for the children. It would be a shame to miss this novelty event, despite Whalan being quite a hike for those in the Twin Cities. Photo via: www.standstillparade.org

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