Where Does Minnesota Rank Nationally as a Caring City?

caring in Minnesota

Everyone has a need to feel like we belong. One of the most intimate ways we express this is caring for one another. We express this in multiple ways by doing things such as helping an elderly person with various tasks around their home, helping a neighbor with a project or just being a friend. In a recent article, Wallet Hub ranked the most caring cities for 2016 among the 100 most populated cities in U.S. They used several metrics such as volunteer hours per capita, percentage of sheltered homeless people and percentage of income donated to charity. The three categories they ranked were: caring for the community, caring for the vulnerable and caring in the workplace. The top five most caring cities in the U.S. are:
1. Madison, Wi 2. Lincoln, Ne 3. Virginia Beach, VA 4. Boise, Id 5. Honolulu, Hi
The city that is most caring for the community according to Wallet Hub is Madison. As for the #1 city that cares for the vulnerable, Scottsdale, Arizona wins that distinction. As for what city that has the most caring in the workforce, it would be Cleveland, Ohio. In the state of Minnesota, St. Paul comes in at #10 on the list of most caring cities. They are ranked #2 for caring in the workforce, #16 for caring in the Community and #27 for caring for the vulnerable. As for Minneapolis, they are ranked #15 for the most caring city. They are ranked #6 for caring in the workforce, #30 for caring for the vulnerable and #33 for caring in the community. Now that we have an idea of where some of these cities are ranked as far as caring goes, we should pitch in and do something small to reach out to people that we care about. Just imagine what the world would be like if people would do it more often.   Photo by: Paul Taylor

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