Where Does the Twin Cities Fall in the National Sports Cities Rankings?

Target Field - 2014 - Matthew Deery

Most of us Minnesotans follow at least one sport. We follow our favorite team(s) by several means like watching them on television, listening to them on the radio or following the team through our mobile devices. Some would rather attend a live sporting event in person to cheer on their favorite team(s). Recently, Wallet Hub published their 2016 rankings for the top sports cities in the U.S. They ranked 423 sports cities based upon several factors, including: number of sports bars, performance of the team(s) in that city and the average ticket prices. Not only did the site give them an overall ranking, they also ranked them in five major sports (baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer). The top five overall sports cities are: 1. New York, NY 2. Boston, MA 3. Pittsburgh, PA 4. Los Angeles, CA 5. Chicago, IL

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As for the state of Minnesota, Minneapolis is the highest ranked city, coming in at  #23, St. Paul is the second highest at #293, followed by Blaine at #404, St. Cloud #409, Mankato at #410, Duluth at #411 and Bemidji at #412. New York is the highest ranked city for baseball. As for basketball, Los Angeles is the highest ranked city. If any of you Vikings fans are planning on making a pilgrimage to Green Bay to watch the upcoming matchup against the Packers, Green Bay is the highest ranked city for football and also has an overall rank of #13. For you hockey fans, the #1 ranked city is Detroit. As for soccer, the #1 ranked city according to Wallet Hub is Orlando. Minneapolis is ranked #15 for baseball, #24 for football and #55 for basketball. Now that you have an idea of where some of these cities are ranked, you can start planning your next road trip. Or, you can just enjoy the fact that the city or cities where your favorite team(s) reside got a high ranking.   Photos by: Matthew Deery     

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