Whose First Pitch Was Worse — Carly Rae Jepsen's or 50 Cent's?


While it isn't the most pressing debate taking place on Minnesota Connected right now, there is a bit of chatter going on in the world about which music celebrity's throw is the lousiest of them all. Last year, Carly Ray Jepson threw out what might be the worst ceremonial first pitch Major League Baseball had ever seen. The famed "Call Me Maybe" songstress took the mound in Tampa Bay and unleashed an 8-footer that seemed destined to go down in history as the WOAT (Worst of All-Time). Here is the video: And then suddenly, from the rap game, a new contender for "Most Terrible First Pitch Ever" emerged... On Tuesday, Curtis Jackson — aka '50 Cent' to those who are familiar with his hip-hop exploits — took the mound at New York's Citi Field before the Mets' game against the Pirates and gave Carly a run for her money. The left-handed Jackson inexplicably threw heaved the ball 15 feet off the plate using a throwing motion that vaguely resembled a drunken shot put attempt. Here's the video: Yikes. That throw was more off target than a Josh Freeman pass. (Rimshot.) ** So, I ask you Minnesota Connected readers: Which first pitch was worse? Carly's or 50's?   Photo via:  Matt McGee  

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