Why You Should Never Trust Those Glamorous Photographs of Your Favorite Stars

Megan Fox - Photoshop When looking through your favorite gossip magazines or browsing your celebrity news sites, it's hard to believe sometimes just how gorgeous Hollywood's stars and starlets are -- the world's most beautiful people have seemingly grown even more beautiful over the years, both men and women looking almost flawless to the public eye. Although most know the uses of Photoshop, few know just how powerful this tool really can be -- the people idolized by so many are not perfect looking or impeccably shaped, they are normal just like the rest of us, but perfected with the use of computers. This short video is a great look at just how much can be done to change one's appearance -- this video shows a seemingly normal looking woman morphed into an absolute stunning beauty. Notice how so little of the perceived beauty comes from the woman herself, most of the allure lies in the computer program augmenting her appearance. Even aside from this unknown model, look at these two (here and here) celebrity profiles, contrasting the raw photos with the doctored ones. I have personally used Photoshop quite extensively, and even I am shocked with just how much can be done to change an appearance. There is something to be said about what these images imprint on the minds of those who see them -- the youth in our culture are constantly striving to look and be just like their favorite celebrities. Isn't it scary to think that what these people are striving towards is impossible to reach? The perfection many are hoping to achieve with makeup, exercise, diets and plastic surgery is unattainable outside of the realm of computer programs. No matter how good they appear to look, all of these stars have flaws hidden by the Photoshops of the world. Katy Perry's boobs aren't that perky, Beyonce's waist isn't that thin and Megan Fox's face isn't that flawless, yet that is how they are represented to us. This is something to always keep in mind when seeing your favorite famous people -- no matter how good they look, always keep in mind that they are really just as flawed as the rest of us behind the veil of Photoshop. Every magazine spread you've seen in the past 10+ years has been doctored -- don't believe any images you see in the media, especially in advertisements. Photo via: Buzzfeed FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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