Winter Storm Incoming!

Uncle Sam Minnesota Winter

This Minnesota winter has been one of the most painful in memory (especially for us Millennials). The cold has crippled the state several times and caused even the great lakes to pretty much freeze over. Snow has made parking nightmarish and now there is up to a foot more on the way. ...Okay I might be exaggerating (most sources say a maximum of eight inches for Minneapolis), but this will likely be the heavy type of snow -- so in February terms, it might as well be the full foot. It may come fast too: Thursday afternoon to Friday morning could see it dropping a couple of inches per hour. Any good news? Well, wet and sticky snow is good for making a frosty friend!

Frozen Snowman Minnesota Winter

The similarities between this winter and the movie Frozen are uncanny; does anyone know where Minnesota's magically burdened queen lives? It feels like it's about time to move the season's plot along. So get ready for some freezing rain tonight, accumulating snow tomorrow and collective despair come Friday.

Dos Equis Man Minnesota Winter

At least everything will look clean again!   Images made by: Erik Bergs      

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