Wonderful Video Shows the Beauty of Aircrafts in Flight

F22 Raptor - Never Look at Planes the Same - Human Flight - Marvel

For those who know me well, you know I am a tad obsessed with airplanes. I marvel at planes in flight -- I would be careful driving next to me on 494 by the airport, I tend to get a bit distracted -- especially when driving by the Delta hangar. The huge resting place for all those mechanical birds is one of my favorite buildings in the state -- yeah, I know it's a bit weird, but I love to stare at that building every time I'm around the airport or the Mall of America. With this mild obsession with planes, you can bet I'm going to pass this video along showing the beauty of planes in flight. Watch, marvel, human flight. If some of those shots look similar to all those airline commercials, it's because it was made by the same people who make those commercials. And even though the content is featured in ads, it doesn't mean it isn't beautiful. Of course, airplanes transversing the sky from the exterior of the craft is a lot more picturesque than the view from the inside of the cabin. But even so, as Louis CK so famously said, "You're in a chair, in the sky!" Appreciate the wonder of human flight. I love all the planes featured in this video -- those massive 787 passenger jets, the F22 Raptors, and the gigantic military cargo planes (especially the US Air Force plane with the propellors). Something about these mechanical beasts soaring above the landscape gets me every time. I envy you Superman. Photo via: Wolfe Air FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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